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Bronze Sculpture
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Diana the Huntress
Dimensions: Height 35 cm, Base 25 cm x 9.5 cm
Product Code: ldds003
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Beautiful Nouvea Signed
Dimensions: Height 25 cm, Base 15 cm diameter
Product Code: ldds017
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Napoleon Crossing the Alps
Dimensions: Height 29 cm, Base 21 x 11 cm
Product Code: ldds018
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Bronze Card Tray
Dimensions: H 9.5 cm, L 26 cm, W 17
Product Code: ldds063
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Dimensions: H 34 cm, Base 10 cm diameter
Product Code: ldds204
Product Thumb
Spirit of Ecstasy
Dimensions: H 22 cm, Base 12 cm diameter
Product Code: ldds324
Product Thumb
Dimensions: H 58 cm, Base 15 cm x 15cm
Product Code: ld2001
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Deco Panther
Dimensions: H 16 cm, Base 29 cm x 14 cm
Product Code: lddw178
Product Thumb
Diana the Huntress
Dimensions: H 49 cm, Base 16 cm diameter
Product Code: ldvg120
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Abstract Deco Owls
Dimensions: H 22 cm, Base 23 cm x 13.5 cm
Product Code: lddw073