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Bronze Sculpture
Product Thumb
Erotic Nude
Dimensions: Height 30 cm, base 12 cm diameter
Product Code: ldds021
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Nude with Verdigris Robe
Dimensions: H 36 cm, Base 7 cm x 7 cm
Product Code: ldsl80
Product Thumb
Nude on Crescent Moon
Dimensions: H 22 cm, Base 10 cm diameter
Product Code: ld0757
Product Thumb
Nude signed Patou
Dimensions: H 39 cm, Base 11 cm x 11 cm diameter
Product Code: ldds156
Product Thumb
Shy Nude
Dimensions: H 15 cm, Base 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm
Product Code: ld044
Product Thumb
Nude and Cherub
Dimensions: H 38 cm, Base 12 cm diameter
Product Code: ld0792
Product Thumb
Nude Flowing Skirt
Dimensions: H 26 cm, Base 7 cm x 7 cm
Product Code: ldsl36
Product Thumb
Shy Nude Lying
Dimensions: H 10 cm, Base 22 cm x 10 cm
Product Code: ldds143
Product Thumb
Shy Nude On Rock
Dimensions: H 18 cm, Base 16 cm x 9 cm
Product Code: ldds065
Product Thumb
Garden Girl
Dimensions: H 43 cm, Base 16.5 cm diameter
Product Code: ld0782